In the Mail, Soon, Or Maybe Already, I Just Can’t Remember!

Three postcards I made not too long ago.

This first one is done on the shiny side of cereal box cardboard. I painted in black with acrylics and then use a knitting needle to draw the lines through the paint. The underlying design of the print on the box shows through and makes interesting effect. I then painted some other colors on top of the black, such as filling in the white for the moon.

Tree, moon, green sky

Tree, moon, green sky

I did this second postcard in the same manner. It’s best to lay the paint on thickly to get this effect to work its best and you need to move quickly. Of course, if you don’t like what you’ve created, you can just slap on another layer of paint and try again.

House at night in a green field

House at night in a green field

Here in the last postcard, I painted random blocks of color and then decided to turn one streak into a lady. I used a fingerprint of paint to make her face and then drew in the features as I did with the previous two postcards, using a knitting needle. I thought she looked a bit lonely so I added in a cat for company.

Lady and cat

Lady and cat


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