Photos of Spring and So On

Here are some photos I’ve taken and done some amending to – all from the rail trail at Lorimer Park/Pennypack Trail in Huntingdon Valley/Abington, PA.

Usually these photos had something wrong with them – out of focus, or that kind of thing. But, in each case I felt a pull to work with the image because there was a balance or a rhythm or something that seemed right – just needed adjustment. So that’s what these are all about.

2 thoughts on “Photos of Spring and So On

  1. agnesashe

    Don’t you find overall form is sometimes easier to see in an image that is slightly out of focus? I’ve known a couple of artists that always squinted at their work to get an impressionistic, broad feel of the whole as they painted.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I totally agree. I am very nearsighted, and when I want to get the sense of a piece without getting caught up in details, I take off my glasses. Totally different look to the work and things jump out at me that get lost with my “normal” sight.

    I love blurred images in photography and I like to emphasize it rather than saying – oh no!

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