Museum Makes A Request and Claudia McGill Grants It

The Claudia McGill Museum of Things Claudia McGill Picks Up From the Street When She Is Just Going Along Being Claudia McGill and Doing Claudia McGill Things

has flexed its muscles, drawn itself up, gathered its courage, and asked for its own space.

Claudia McGill, founder, made a good case for the Museum to strike out on its own. “We’re so special that we need a special location just to continue our special mission which of course is very special. We wanted our own home. Just like any bird who wants a nest or any bee in a hive, the Museum wanted a HOME.”

The request was sensible and reasonable. The Board of Directors agreed. So the Museum will be carrying out its special mission at this location from now on: Claudia McGill Museum.

Previous posts have been gathered there already, said the Museum’s PR director, Claudia McGill.

“And you can click here for the very first post done from the new location!” she said excitedly.

For the time being, the Museum will announce new announcements as announcements occur, right here in this blog. For a while. Until things get caught up. For followers to follow. And for new visitors to stumble upon, and so venture into the exciting, glamorous, exotic – Museum…


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