Museum Lets Its Hair Down for the Summer

Another exhibit at the Museum: this one will be featuring chapter after chapter in the exciting lives of Hair Thingies. Anyone with hair (current or past) will be interested – guaranteed.

Claudia McGill Museum

The Claudia McGill Museum of Things Claudia McGill Picks Up From the Street When She Is Just Going Along Being Claudia McGill and Doing Claudia McGill Things

is sponsoring an open-ended exhibit featuring Hair Thingies.

“You may ask what a Hair Thingie is,” said Claudia McGill, a nice enthusiastic lady who is running this exhibit because she is fascinated by the phenomenon of Hair Thingies on the run.

“A Hair Thingie is one of those things that if you want to get your hair to do something it otherwise might not want to do, like staying out of your face, you might use this thing to turn your hair into a ponytail style. Or pigtails. Or something of this nature.”

“But what’s amazing,” she went on, “is how many of them escape captivity and find freedom. You see them lying on the ground all over the place, just enjoying not…

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