Reworking and Reworking

This painting has a history.

I originally did two large paintings to be used as a pair – they went on the wall of my front entry way, which is two stories tall at that point in the house, and so there was a big open wall space.

The original layer was an image of an abstract flower, not like this version, but in either red or blue tones (I painted over the companion piece and sold it a long time ago, and so I don’t know which one this one is anymore).

Later I painted two new pieces for that space, and so I took this one down, along with the other one, and painted over it. That image depicted a house and some trees.

Unsatisfied, about a year ago I painted over the house image in a random abstract pattern. I just couldn’t let go of this very large and still useful canvas. Though I was beginning to think it was haunting me…

About two weeks ago, tired of seeing it stand against the wall in my studio, I decided that I would paint something on it, and if it did not work out, I would have to say good-bye. Surely it was time to think about letting go?

So this image is what came about. I think it’s fine; in fact, I like it. So maybe it will endure.

Now, what will I do with this big painting?

"Flowers on the Go" 40" x 30"

“Flowers on the Go”
40″ x 30″


3 thoughts on “Reworking and Reworking

  1. agnesashe

    Painting over has a long tradition doesn’t it? And, it has turned out very useful and successful for you too by the looks of it! Recently I’ve tried painting over some pale silk work and it has been more successful than expected. Always good to keep going with a piece isn’t it?

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I think so. I do not like to waste materials and I don’t like having work around that I am not satisfied with. I will say that the number of re-dos here is maybe a bit much, but – I do like to paint!

    I think multi layering can add complexity and I bet those works you mentioned turned out well.

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