At art fairs, I have a number of 6″ x 6″ paintings on 3/8″ board to sell. Some of them I display and the others I set in boxes. People can flip through the boxes to view them. I recently took a picture of how that looks – I liked the colorful array of edges.

Stack of paintings in box 5-15 small

Then I played around with the photos a little. I came up with a couple of variations. Nothing great, but I liked the colors, once again. And then last week, I added another layer of meaning to them. These photos look uncannily like what I saw when I had my cataract surgery on my right eye.

Before you say, Ooooooh, I will tell you that I was a little dopey and felt no pain at all, and actually, I felt quite interested in the colorful array I saw. I don’t know why it occurred, but I did come away from this surgery feeling less fearful about undergoing it for my other eye, after this view.

OK, thanks for listening to this rambling, but somehow making this connection has been helpful. There is no understanding some things, is there?


4 thoughts on “Resemblance

  1. dorandana

    wow, okay…first the left eye with valium and the second time….no need. Yes, indeed, I had a similar experience with the colors, I think its when they slide that old lens out!

  2. Jeanette Clawson

    I’m so glad it went well and the visual experience is a nice bonus! Fear of impending procedures does not improve quality of life so I’m happy you are feeling better about having it done on your other eye.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    You are so right about the apprehension and what it does. I will have some adjustments with these “new” eyes – there really is a difference in how my vision will be corrected going forward and it will take some adapting to. But. I have my sight and that is something that had been threatened through all these eye problems, so, I am beyond grateful. Now just looking forward to next Week and getting both eyes in sync again! Thank you for your good wishes, that helps me.

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