Art Book On the Move

Here’s an artist book I made not too long ago. I took two painted surfaces (ad cards, the shiny kind you get in the mail and that advertise pool cleanings, eyeglass deals, or retirement homes, etc.) and folded them in half and stapled them. Then, I sat down to do what is, I guess, a collage poem in several parts, to fit the pages. The text just sort of evolves, depending on what direction the snippets of print send me in.

I made this book to send to someone. It’s a spur to my creativity to fit words and art together like this.

Here are pictures of the book and the text is typed out below.

It Was Just A Dream Flowing Past

wandering across the rooftops
between the dark
and insomnia.

roads in the dark disappearing
into the black forgetful sky

That old thief
was in jail.
The reward was
to survive.
nobody around here
had to be reminded to survive.

darkness broken
gray light
gray clouds,
The black scorch of night
washed clean
and the tall white building
upright in the sunlight

this morning
the burning dark
the bruised daylight
come to a sudden

the light tapping at the windows
a cold chill pale day
and unpredictable
the whole story nearly forgotten
hastily scribbled down.

14 thoughts on “Art Book On the Move

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. It was an unusually satisfying one for me to make. I feel the words and the painting fit well together and kind of inspired each other.

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