Another Poetry Book – This One Is From the Spring Session

From the poetry-writing side of Claudia McGill…

Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

Do you remember the Spring Poetry Marathon? I wrote about it here, back in April. I spent a week writing a lot of poetry, following the model of the first Marathon I did in January.

After the first Marathon, I collected all the poems in a book, and I’ve done the same thing for the spring version. So, if you are interested in reading, both of them are available on, or you could get a copy from me ($12, includes shipping, let me know at if you want one).

The latest book, The latest book, “Spring Cleaning”.

The first book, The first book, “Look Winter in the Face”.

I’ll tell you once again how much I enjoyed the Marathon process – this session coincided with my broken foot and two cataract operations. Keeping to the schedule of poetry-writing allowed me to get away from health issues for a while and think over…

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