The Museum Lets Its Hair Down for the Summer – June 2015 Update

The Museum has a Hair Thingie Update today…

Claudia McGill Museum

The Claudia McGill Museum of Things Claudia McGill Picks Up From the Street When She Is Just Going Along Being Claudia McGill and Doing Claudia McGill Things

brings to the attention of Museum-goers that it’s a new month and so we must take a look at the previous month’s Hair Thingie activity.

“It’s been an astoundingly busy month for the Hair Thingie situation in our world,” said Claudia McGill, Professor of Hair, Hairy, and Hair-Raising Events Department at the Museum. “People are just out there with their hair, it’s hot, they’re exercising, whatever, and they need to get that hair out of the way. So hair thingies are in use and that means they are dropping to the ground in record numbers.”

“The Museum has a good number of locally-spotted hair thingies, and then this month we also add some from a distance. Museum-goers have taken the Hair Thingie to…

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