Dissatisfied? Just Paint Over It

The title says it all. Here are some re-do’s that I re-did just last week. All of them were something that maybe looked good to me at the time I made it but did not stand up to my scrutiny the most recent time I went through my boxes of work – I just did a session of clean-out prior to the art fair I went to this past weekend.

So here goes. I’ll give a little information as to what I did to each one. This first one was a mixed media piece. I left the lady as she was but painted over the (too busy) background. This change really helped to bring the poor lady out of all that confusion she was stuck in.


4″ x 4″ on 3/8″ board

I worked on the next three as a group – you can see a similar color scheme. The two larger ones were paintings that I just painted over with something new. The smaller on was a mixed media piece. I gave it a whole new composition but I noticed the outline of the figure at the front of the house can still be seen through the paint. Entirely coincidence but I liked it and so I left it.

This one featured a mixed media landscape with a moon. I kept the moon and painted new surroundings. The paper layers from the earlier image seemed to work well as a base for the picture so I didn’t try to cover them up, just painted over them.


4″ x 4″ on 3/8″ board

This little piece also had a moon in the sky and originally I painted a little house under it, covering some trees. But – I noticed the tree shapes showing their silhouettes through the paint and it looked odd to have them layered under a house. So, I covered the house (and the tree layer) with more paper. This eliminated the distraction of painted-over trees and I was happy with the whole thing.


4″ x 4″ on 3/8″ board

I had included paint and paper in the original image, which was an abstract landscapy kind of thing, but they did not interfere with the new image, so I just left things as they were and kept going until I came up with this little picture.


6″ x 6″ on 3/8″ board

This picture gave me some trouble. The original image involved two seated figures in collage with paint and other paper around them. Just painting over it all wasn’t enough as figures were still visible, raised above the surface, floating in the air above the car. So I filled in the background with collaged buildings rather than the painted ones I had put in originally and it all turned out fine.


6″ x 6″ on 3/8″ board

These little remodelings were finished in time for the weekend’s show and so I took them – and sold four, I think? So I was happy I’d given them a second chance.


13 thoughts on “Dissatisfied? Just Paint Over It

  1. Sharon Mann

    So creative!! I’m inspired. I’m working on our book, I’ve completed two images πŸ˜€

  2. Alice

    “This change really helped to bring the poor lady out of all that confusion she was stuck in.”
    πŸ˜€ I’m happy for you both!

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I have not made as many of these as I did in the past, for this reason. I have felt a bit unequal to the task. But I may be changing my mind. These went pretty well.

  4. memadtwo

    I haven’t painted in acrylics in a long time, but I always loved both the colors and texture. I’m hoping to get to a place where I can feel comfortable painting again…not there yet.

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