Tarnation, It’s Tar – Part 1

It’s art. Of some kind. Maybe. I wonder. Take a look and see what you think.

Claudia McGill Museum

“We come across some unusual things in our line of work,” said Claudia McGill, Curator. “And then there are the other things we come across.”

She’s referring to this series of – can we say art works? – inspired by a tar blob in the parking lot of the Flourtown Day Use Area, Flourtown, PA.

“A very nice lady with maybe too much time on her hands one afternoon sent in these pictures. She said they were inspired by this splot of tar on the asphalt. She said she couldn’t help herself. Begged us to include them in our collection. Well, things on the ground are our specialty, and she was so nice in how she strong-armed us, that we just – we gave in. Her name is Claudia McGill and she goes to that park quite often,” finished Claudia McGill, Public Relations, with a totally straight face.

“I’m quite…

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