ATC Explosion #2

More Artist Trading Cards.

Try making some yourself. Cut up anything you can find to paint on, draw on, whatever, in the ATC size – 2.5″ x 3.5″. Or, you can knit an ATC (I have seen these). Make little quilted ones. Fabric. Pieces of wood. See? It’s easy.

I’ve gotten myself all excited about the possibilities, just writing about them here. And the best thing is, ATC’s are so small, if one is not the greatest looking piece of art, well, just do another one!

The other best thing about ATC’s is that they are meant to be given away. That can include slipping them in a library book, mailing them to all your friends, leaving them on tables in restaurants.

Put your name on the back and any contact info you want (or none, if you prefer). People need to know who made the tiny piece of art they are adopting.

That’s it!

ATC 7-15 #6 small

6 thoughts on “ATC Explosion #2

  1. Bessesdotter

    Claudia – you have given me inspiration to start making the cards again, especially about leaving them casually for people to find. You are truly a generous spirit and its good for me to be reminded that art is for everyone–it is the best part!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you! I’d like to put me on your list for an exchange, if I may???

    It is fun to leave them around and imagine people enjoying them – just like the figurines in the park, etc. Art is what I have to give and I’m glad to do it, it’s just fun.

  3. certainline

    Your story about the figurine and the note was great, by the way. If I understand the concept correctly, Claudia, you use those cards that you get inside magazines, urging one to subscribe. Is that right?

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    No, for the ATC’s I just cut up cereal boxes and that kind of thing – the cardboard is a good weight. For the postcards done on ad cards, we get a lot of advertising material maybe 8″ x 5″, usually, printed on both sides, slick surface, for all kinds of things – dentists, tutoring services, tree trimming, notices of art events, etc, and that’s what I use.

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