Painted Postcards Part 6

This twosome finishes up the latest group of painted postcards. Mark-making seems to be the common theme here.

My goodness. Over already? I’ll be making more soon, I think.


4 thoughts on “Painted Postcards Part 6

  1. memadtwo

    Are you painting over printed postcards you bought or using those watercolor ones you can buy? I love sending postcards, although I’ve never made any myself. How do they do with the gentle handling of the USPS? (K.)

  2. Ruth Deming

    Claudia, I read with great interest your mailing of postcards. Off the street I picked up a huge oak leaf. I’ll trace it tomro on a piece of thick paper, then use acrylics like u do, and mail to my 96-yo aunt to wish her happy jewish new year. i’ll affix 2 regular stamps at the top. Love your posts!!!

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