Otherwordly Inspiration?

I was walking along the street on my way to the dentist when I passed a ceramic workshop. It’s not one of those trendy places where you drink wine and glaze a pottery plate or set of salt and pepper shakers. No, this is a long-established place of the type that sells greenware and you take it home, glaze it, and bring it back for firing. I think they may have some in-studio time but mostly I believe it’s a place for supply and firing.

They always have a seasonal display of finished pieces in the window. So, here in September we have harvest and Halloween themes. I saw this ghostly figure in the window and had to look twice – the baby pacifier in its mouth is for real and is not part of the figure. Made me laugh, because the ceramic piece is really kind of scary-looking.

I took the picture and when I saw it on the computer I realized what a lot of layers it had, because of the reflections. Made me think of the work of two photographers I admire (and their blog Between Scarlett and Guest) who find the unusual and see the beautiful and the interesting aspects of it. That inspiration gave me the push to get out my camera and snap the photo.

I really like photos involving reflections and always have. The merging of the various realities really appeals to me. You could come up with a lot of interpretations, couldn’t you, in this photo, but I still think the bizarre baby persona is the one that appeals to me…

Ceramic ghost in store window with reflections 9-16-15 small


4 thoughts on “Otherwordly Inspiration?

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Maybe even more than slightly. It seems to leer out at the street. Good thing it’s only about 1.5 feet tall or I’d feel even worse. But. It did catch my attention….

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