Inspired By a Friend

I’ve been mail art friends with Nancy for a while. Her work (look here to see it) amazes me with its beauty and complexity, every piece I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I was inspired to try working a little bit with ink, because I’ve seen it in her work. I don’t know what kind she uses and I didn’t ask, because once the idea hit I was in a hurry to try it out. Patience is not one of my art-virtues. So I got some India ink and a pen, the kind you dip into the ink, and I started trying things out.

These little drawings were made on paper scraps with paint on them – when I am painting I often offload extra paint, when I want to change colors, on to paper or mail art backgrounds or whatever is around, because I just can’t let a drop of paint go to waste – anyway, I kind of drew around the colors to see what the pen would do.

I like spatters and irregularity so obviously I have got the technique down right away…And how can I not love this intense black? I’ve made some larger things and also tried the ink using a brush. I will show them later on.

Now, these are just little experiments, but – I see a future for this ink thing. Thanks, Nancy!


9 thoughts on “Inspired By a Friend

  1. Nancy Bell Scott

    What a nice surprise this morning, Claudia! Thank you kindly for all you wrote. I like your ink experiments and look forward to seeing more. The ink in my work varies, usually India ink, Faber-Castell Pitt art pens, or thin Sharpie pens. You do wonderful things with black in your work; I’ve noticed that for some time.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I love black lines and outlining and I’m sorry I didn’t try ink like this before. Wow! You are right – I think black is #1 in my favorites as far as the element that really livens up my work.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    It’s all true. Meant to warn you I was doing this post but I got distracted last night by making dinner. Sigh. Thanks for ink info. I will write you more in an answer to your really nice email (I’m not home today). But really, I’ve been thinking about your markmaking – not to copy it but to try the same tools and see what happened. You are right about black in my work.I love using it and I think that is why I got so excited even with these simple drawings.

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