Two Women Faces Very Large

I’ve been doing some cleaning out. In my basement I had stored a couple of canvases I bought some time ago. Since I purchased these, I’ve moved to painting on boards – Masonite, wood, etc. – because I like the firmer surface. I tend to press down hard when I paint and I didn’t really like the springy nature of the canvases.

So, I’d had a pile of them on the shelves for a while. I gave most of them away, the smaller ones, but I kept these two larger ones. One day I felt the need to take them off the shelf and paint large women-faces on them. I cannot say why this idea came to me, but it did, so I obeyed. Here’s what emerged from it.


7 thoughts on “Two Women Faces Very Large

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I don’t usually like working so big. But I just had the urge. It really was fun. I feel I will do it again, work on some big faces like this. You do get in the mode of seeing it as a collection of shapes and making them work out to be a face almost became an after thought. Weird but rewarding.

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