A Whole Lot of Ground to Cover

I posted these images not that long ago. Do you remember these middling-sized abstract landscape paintings?

And these postcards?

I was on a landscape kick that was unstoppable and I had a great time with it. As part of it, I painted a LOT of small landscapes, 6″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″. I felt compelled to created these unknown worlds – the act of painting was intoxicating. I realized that I had come such along way from the year before, when I did not have the concentration, the eyesight, or even the good health to be able to do much artwork at all. What a great feeling.

I’m going to post one of these small paintings a day all winter, 12/21/15 through 3/21/16, and take time out each day to reflect a little on how much things have changed for me in the past year, how my health and my outlook have brightened. Because that’s how I felt as I painted. But then, there is MORE.

I would like to go another step and send out some of my gratitude into the world, if I can. So, from this group of small landscapes, I decided:

I’ll pick a picture. I’ll just grab the one that wants to be the picture of the day. Then I’ll post it, one a day, on the blog, and then I’ll also list it on the Giveaway Page. If you like the painting of the day, email me at the contact info in the post or on the page, and – I will send it to you.

  1. The first person who asks, gets. I’ll post them at different times of the day so as to try not to favor one time zone or another. I thought about restrictions and limits and my head started to spin, so there aren’t any. I kind of feel each painting will pick its person and I shouldn’t stand in the way?
  2. The paintings are free.  After some thought and doing some math, I will ask if you could pay shipping – $5 to the US and $10 internationally. I will do this by sending you a request to send payment through Paypal – once I’ve received payment and have your postal address I’ll put the painting in the mail.
  3.  No limits to how many you pick (if you want I can hold them here and send them to you all at once).
  4. I’ll only notify the person who “wins” the painting – so if you don’t hear anything, it was not your turn. I am sorry to be so rude, but, otherwise I may have a lot of emails to answer, and with disappointing news, too, which I will tell you right now will make me sad that I have to say no, so I’d like to avoid it!
  5. If no one picks a painting, I’ll put it on the Giveaway Page. You can look back at the list any time and choose from the ones available.
  6. I will send my heartfelt good wishes to the recipient with the painting. Open the package and they will fly out and surround you, I guarantee.
  7. At the end, I’ll leave the paintings on the page for a little while, and then, those that remain, I plan to donate or leave in the park or give to random strangers or…because then, it will be spring!



32 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Ground to Cover

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Crossing my fingers it works out! I don’t know how much value what I have to say might have, but, it will be good for me, anyway. And I hope the paintings get new homes, at least some of them. That’s part of my purpose!

  2. Laura Pritchard

    So nice, Claudia. Can’t wait to see them. Please email me about Christmas! I lost your address.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. Believe me, I’m the one benefiting from all of this. I really enjoy doing art, putting it into others’ hands, and it makes me feel good to do this, and, given the last few years, to be able to!

  4. alisonsye

    I don’t know how I have missed this other blog of yours. It is great, of course, like you. You are not just great for your abundant kindness, in all areas, but with how you word things – like the painting telling you who its owner is to be. Brilliant. I will attempt to share this post. xxxx

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  6. Claudia McGill Post author

    What a wonderful comparison you have made. I am very flattered and humbled by it. I’ve been feeling that I am beginning to get somewhere with my painting, do it the way I feel looks right to me, I mean, and this encourages me. thank you.

  7. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I am really the one getting the benefit of all of this – it means a lot to me to have something to give out, some way to express myself after a lifetime of holding things in? I think you give me too much credit! But thank you for your faith in me, it makes me feel good.

    And I really do think artworks, individually, I mean, belong with one person or another. It’s almost like the person and the piefce recognize each other. I base this on sitting at all these art fairs over the years and watching how people look at my work. It really does seem that pieces send out rays or something that a person is attracted to; it’s not just the image or colors or whatever. Some sort of connection. This sounds kind of airy and out there but I really think this is how people buy my work, and I’ve felt it myself, too. (for things I bought, not my own stuff!)

  8. diane

    Thank you for sharing Mrs S – what a lovely idea. x ps/ i agree with Claudia’s remark “artwork sending out rays” – now Mrs S, take the spell off me!!

  9. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, that makes me feel good, because I also love the Fauvists and I have every since I chanced on a book about them as a teenager. I was inspired by the work of Nicolas de Stael in particular for this series, or at least it was seeing his work on the internet that set me off on my path. I do feel I’m not finished with this landscape thing.

  10. Claudia McGill Post author

    I’m crossing my fingers it all works out! I have the feeling that one way or another, I will try to get a painting to anyone who wants one, if not during the giveaway, then after, but that sounds like I think thousands will apply, and of course that will not happen, I just hate to disappoint anyone, and I do like to paint…

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