Small Landscape Day 24

Claudia McGill says: When we were driving down the road we used to take to visit our son in college, I saw two things. The first one was the steep-sloped hills on which rocks of all sizes were just dropped on the ground, scattered among the trees. The second one was any place where the road cut through the rock and I could see the layers of stone as they were laid down and then twisted. The common themes here are rocks, layers, and having to pass by sites that make my fingers itch to stop and explore and collect. One of these days I will stop, and pretend I didn’t see the road sign forbidding it. There are advantages to being a person of my age and appearance who just looks like somebody’s mom (crawling around hillsides putting rocks in a tote bag).

Small landscape, Day 24 - 7" x 5" on canvas board.

Small landscape, Day 24 – 7″ x 5″ on canvas board.

Do you like this little painting? Would you like to have it? Remember, it’s Giveaway Time. For the details about the landscape giveaway, look here. Then…

Email me at and mention Landscape Day 24 or use the form below.

All available landscapes are posted on the Giveaway Page until they are gone.


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