Ink Blots and What Do They Mean If Anything. I Think They Are Just Nice to Look At. That’s All. Part 1

Remember a little while back, I mentioned the new tool and materials I had stumbled on, the dip pen and India ink? Yes. Well, I have not forgotten about them – they’ve been following me right along as I did other things.

Let me explain. When I paint (in acrylics), I work fast and if there is paint on the brush and I want to change colors, well, the old color has got to go somewhere, and quick. Recently I’ve been using up some pads of Bristol board I had lying around for this purpose. I just brush the excess paint on a piece of the paper, not paying too much attention, as I am concentrating on the other paintings, the ones I am meaning to be doing.

Does this make any sense, or does it make me sound like a frantic multi-tasker? (Don’t tell me).

Anyway, then I started playing around with the “leftovers”. I added ink. I painted them purposefully, a little. I didn’t spend too much time focusing on them – I kind of worked on them, looking sideways, trying not to scare them.

Anyway, I’ve got a pile of them and I’ll post them in little groups. Kind of interesting to see what has emerged.

These examples are from November, 2015, and they have utilitarian titles because I didn’t expect to keep doing this kind of thing. You’ll see the ones later on have fancier names…

Anyway, here we are – experiments…


30 thoughts on “Ink Blots and What Do They Mean If Anything. I Think They Are Just Nice to Look At. That’s All. Part 1

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    The ink marks really add something to the painted pieces. Maybe it’s that the deep black accentuates the vivid colours, making them more bold and potent. Maybe it’s that the thinner marks of the ink pen contrast to the broader strokes of the various paint tools. Whatever it is, it really works. Keep developing this line I think.

  2. Jeanette Clawson

    I really love these. I also wipe leftover paint onto various papers and I really like this idea of what to do with them. I usually cut pieces of them for use in collages.

  3. Vickie

    There isn’t anything you’ve done or posted here that I don’t find amazingly simple yet extraordinary. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, it’s kind of a combination of random, then I look for any kind of order, and accent it a little, and sometimes add paint, but I try to let the whole thing be as undirected as possible, esp. since I am using it as a paint-offload site in the beginning, and I think the whole thing is to let if go where it wants, it was not meant to have a direction, in the first place. I am liking that!

  5. Claudia McGill Post author

    What a wonderful thing you have said. Thank you.

    Sometimes I think it is all a matter of being quiet and letting the subject or the art come to me, rather than chase it…

  6. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I do that too, the collage thing, and I used to paint papers to use just for collage. But this, I think it is so relaxing, it’s looking for patterns and meaning in the visually random, and it always surprises me – I think there is a pattern in everything and this kind of activity only convinces me more…

  7. Claudia McGill Post author

    Wow! Thank you. Makes my day to hear this. I have quite a few more of these to post. And I think I’ll be making more as time goes on. I don’t feel the urge has run out yet for doing them. Discovery, exploring – that’s what these are, just fun.

  8. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I do like the look of these for just the reasons you say, and – it is also so relaxing to do this – it’s looking and finding instead of trying to force something out onto the paper.

  9. Claudia McGill Post author

    They do have a self-confidence, don’t they! They know what they want to be, I think, and stop me from gong too far. The unconscious mind may be directing this activity, I’m very happy to be asked to go along!

  10. memadtwo

    I tend to take my extra paint and just paint something else…but I also sometimes do rorschachs which are piling up waiting for me to do something further with them. I’m unfocused to begin with and I can’t seem to get it together to finish all these ideas I have. I could blame time, but that’s not the only problem. I really admire that you can be so productive and follow through on the ideas you have.

  11. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I’ve always been a project finisher, sometimes keeping on in a hopeless cause, that’s the other side of it, I guess. I find meaning in the process and reaching a conclusion, I think?

  12. memadtwo

    Funny, I’m always OK with a working deadline–I had no trouble freelancing. The hard part there was getting started with each project. But with my own ideas, I get distracted really easily.

  13. Claudia McGill Post author

    I think it’s years of practice of being on my own, doing shows, etc. Although really, having shows to prepare for is a deadline, that is true. Well, I think it’s just the intrigue of each piece – I get really absorbed!

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