Small Landscape Day 27

Claudia McGill says: When you are on higher ground you can be sure there is always a path that water takes to the lower levels of the landscape – little streams, hardly more than natural ditches, run through fields. Sometimes it’s hard to see them, especially in the summer, when the grass grows high in the fields. I like coming upon these hidden little secrets – they always make me think of when I was a child and we sailed homemade boats in rivulets like these.

Small landscape, Day 27 - 6" x 6" on Masonite.

Small landscape, Day 27 – 6″ x 6″ on Masonite.

Do you like this little painting? Would you like to have it? Remember, it’s Giveaway Time. For the details about the landscape giveaway, look here. Then…

Email me at and mention Landscape Day 27 or use the form below.

All available landscapes are posted on the Giveaway Page until they are gone.


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