Ink Blots Etc. #4.

Here’s the last set from the current group. I haven’t been doing any painting in acrylics recently, so – I haven’t made any more images like these in the last few weeks. I am sure more will come along later, or something like them. I will say it one more time – I love acrylics and India ink.


18 thoughts on “Ink Blots Etc. #4.

  1. Sharon Mann

    Keep going, it will be fun to watch where you lead us! By the way, I finished my book cover, now I’m working on the text, it’s a blast! I’ll send pictures soon.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I’m planning a book session later in the week. I’ve been making tiles! I am so happy that it’s going great and you are enjoying it. I didn’t know if you would like this part or not.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Oh, that’s good. Yes, I think that once you find a way in, the path is very clear and it’s funny how a line of narrative is already present in the pictures, that you did not see earlier when you were making it.

  4. nannus

    these feel like an abstract form of some book illustrations I remember from the 1970s (but I cannot say exactly which books). Its the use of contour lines, combined with color. I guess there where some children’s book ilustrators back then whose stile was somehow similar. Old memories are coming up here…

  5. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I think you might be thinking about how books in general were illustrated then, due to technology limitations – maybe 2 or 3 colors, the white color of the page, and then black. The style is usually simple and graphic but a lot of complexity could be achieved. This may not be it, but when you mentioned the 1970’s that’s what I thought of in terms of illustration. I remember visiting a customer of the bank where I worked in the early 80’s who did four color printing and watching the process.
    Interesting to think about. The mind circles back and reuses old information again and again, doesn’t it?

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