Paint Brochures and My Pen #1

Remember a little while back when I did some drawings on paint cards and brochures? I have quite a few more to show – they are addictive. And it’s a perfect art form for doing while sitting on your sofa watching TV (or in my case, the TV is talking away and I’m listening a bit and not looking at it at all). So I’ll show them in sections. Here’s one I sent to my son.

It’s a representation of the lovely building where so many interesting beings live – the Popular Oranges Apartments. Someone intriguing in every apartment…

"Popular Oranges Apartments"

“Popular Oranges Apartments”

18 thoughts on “Paint Brochures and My Pen #1

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    I might have sent this already, can’t figure out, so I’ll try again. What I said was – once you get started on one of these, the whole brochure is fair game and one idea leads to another…and when I sent this card to my son, he was quite amused because at first he opened the envelope and couldn’t figure out why I was sending him a paint brochure when he lives in an apartment!

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