Small Landscape Day 45

Claudia McGill says: Picture this – a hot summer day, and you and some friends are riding your bikes along a gravel road out in the country. You’re thirsty, so you stop at a house and ask the lady who answers the door if you can get a drink from her garden hose. Sure, she says, and you do and ride the rest of the way to where you’re going. Nice, right? Yes, and I know, because it happened to me, a long time ago.

Small landscape Day 45 - 7" x 5" on canvas board.

Small landscape Day 45 – 7″ x 5″ on canvas board.

Do you like this little painting? Would you like to have  it? Remember, it’s Giveaway Time. For the details about the landscape giveaway, look here. Then…

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6 thoughts on “Small Landscape Day 45

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Well, I’m a lifelong hose-drinker and so far so good. Let the water run a bit and you are fine. No one in my childhood would have offered kids a glass or served them – you’d show them the hose. Of course in my childhood you’d never think twice about stopping at a stranger’s house for a drink in the first place, but out in the country, you had to help each other out. No convenience stores to stop at for a drink and we had no money anyway to buy it!

    I think maybe you should not think about your water pipes or the water mains or that kind of thing. !!! Sometimes it’s better just to – take something for granted, isn’t it?

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    All water in Scotland comes from the mains and I have zero problem with that. I’ve also drink water from a mountain stream where further upstream we found a rotting sheep carcass in the stream. Still didn’t bother me. So I’ve no idea why the hose thing skeeves me out a bit.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    I am laughing. Because I HATE drinking from a stream. Gives me the shivers. I remember in Girl Scouts where I refused to do it, envisioning protozoas or something.

  4. Laura (PA Pict)

    Ha! We all have our peculiarities I guess. I’m wondering if the openness and movement in the stream makes me feel more confident than I do with the claustrophobic stagnancy of a hose pipe.

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