Today and tomorrow, Days 46 and 47, together make up the halfway point in the winter, and in the Giveaway, too.

We have two days for this event this year – there are 92 days in my winter count, December 21 to March 21. Leap Year has given us an extra one, February 29. It’s a special year!

Take a moment today to sit down and rest. You’ve gone a long way already, haven’t you?

Lorimer 1-31-16 #3 small


6 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. rubiescorner

    I walked with a friend through the woods on a Winter day. They looked like this. He graduated from college, and now has five children, and probably a lovely wife. He was only, a, friend, and that was all. We didn’t kiss. He just wanted to be with me for a time there. I don’t know the reasons, but that is way in the past.
    I’m glad he survived our friendship, and found someone he could love, create with, and stay . I believe life has possibilities.
    I was off to college, and I became a teacher. Teachers, and farmers are compatible. I believe both have to use their thinking, skills.

  2. rubiescorner

    Yes. He was just a, high, school friend. He married someone later on and they have five, children. He would probably remember me. With him, I was never quiet.

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