Small Landscape Project – Third Twenty-One

Today is the third 21 in the project – February 21, its fellows being December, January, and March 21.

Twenty-one is a special day in the progress of the winter – it’s the signpost to our progress through the season. I am following the model of the Sunshine Project that I set last year on one of my other blogs (if you’d like to know more, look here ). We go, day by day, on a journey though time and marked by visual images, this year small landscape paintings.

Somehow, January’s 21 seems quite a while ago to me, but March 21 is right around the corner, I feel. I am eager to see more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and to be able to get outside again. I am reminded of being on a long car trip – there is a section in the middle that seems to drag on, and then we speed up to the destination. That is what is happening , I feel.

So I think I’ll take a moment to reflect on the project so far. It has been very rewarding for me. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support, their very kind words, their interest, and their participation. I love the thought that so many of my artworks are located all over the world now, and giving pleasure to viewers they would not otherwise have. Thank you.

Through the project, I have met new people and reconnected with old friends, some of whom I had not heard from for years. People have taken artworks for themselves or to give as gifts themselves. The artworks have left in singles, pairs, and multiples, and I am holding several for people who think they will want to add more. Every day I converse with someone new about art and catch up with others with whom I have become familiar through art, the internet, and giving. Thank you.

I am enjoying being able to give to the world, and I appreciate it that you are willing to receive! I want to invite you, if you have been hesitant about choosing an artwork (for reasons other than  you don’t see anything you like!) to overcome your hesitation and please, ask for one. You may be finding all kinds of reasons why you feel awkward or uncertain about asking – I think in our world sometimes it is hard to do so in this kind of situation.

We feel we must reciprocate. And many people have sent me something tangible in return for a small landscape. I feel honored. I really enjoy seeing their work in person instead of on the computer, and I accept them as gifts back to me. During this project, I did not want anyone to feel obligated to give in return, but I also feel happy that someone wanted to give me a gift. Thank you!

Every person who has accepted my work, though, has  given me something I wanted – appreciation, communication, and contact. I value each interaction as a gift and in this way the project has done so much for me, and to beat back the gray and grim aspect winter can have. Thank you.

So, the project has another month to go – there are artworks on the Giveaway Page,  and there are plenty of artworks to come. I hope that if one of the pieces is calling your name, you will answer it. We will both be getting a gift.

Happy February 21.


7 thoughts on “Small Landscape Project – Third Twenty-One

  1. Sharon Mann

    Beautifully said! Giving away art is a joyous experience. It is a good feeling to know your art is enjoyed around the world. Thank you you for posting today, your writing is very meaningful to me. 💕☕️

  2. memadtwo

    I was going to ask you how the project was going…”quite well” I see! Will you do a page of all the landscapes together at the end? I would love to see it. (K)

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Funny you say that, I was thinking of it, the same as I did all the Sunshines in one ending post. I do like the look of the mass group of paintings or pieces or things like that. So keep your eyes peeled…

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I think that it takes a lot of years to figure out how you want to do things and my only regret is that I was slow at it or else didn’t assert myself. (Warning to all – it’s over now, move aside, please, I’m coming through!)

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