Small Landscape Day 67

Claudia McGill says: When I was young, in the summer, if it rained, we didn’t go inside the house – we just opened the garage doors and played in there until the storm passed. We never went inside the house in the summer if we could help it, except to eat lunch.

Small landscape, Day 67 - 6" x 6" on Masonite.

Small landscape, Day 67 – 6″ x 6″ on Masonite.

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5 thoughts on “Small Landscape Day 67

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Before I read your writing, I looked at the image and the slate grey against the turquoise made me think of the approach of a summer storm. We were the same as kids. We did not return indoors unless we absolutely had to. One of the dads in the street turned his shed into a little gang hut for us so we could all scurry inside there if the weather got particularly gruesome. That was our compromise.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    That’s interesting, how we co-opt these ordinary spaces and they turn into a real hangout. We spent so much time in our garage – it was perfect for all kinds of activities. And we did the same with our neighbors’ walk out basement (the kids in the family were our best friends and we played together for our whole childhood) until they went and remodeled it into a family room and it was then considered “inside”!

  3. memadtwo

    We used to put on our bathing suits and just play outside in the rain…unless there was thunder and lightning, then we weren’t allowed. But rain? no problem. (K)

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    We were not allowed to stay in the house in weather above freezing in the daytime. Children belong outside – was the neighborhood agreement! But the garage was not “inside” and – it was also of no interest to our parents, so we conducted a whole life out there with our friends with no interference. Except for sometimes in the summer my dad would make us a pitcher of Kool-Aid, come out, set it on the dryer, leave some paper cups, and go back in, saying nothing much. It was just great.

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