Throwback – Clay Comes Around Again

You’ve seen a lot of paintings lately with the Giveaway, so I think I’ll skip around with some other things I’ve been doing in the meantime. A little variety, what do you think?

One project I took on involved making tiles for a friend. She needed them to be a certain size, 4″ x 4″. I wanted to use standard sized commercial bisque tiles, but I found that the standard measurements are 4.25″ x 4.25″.

After a bit of hair-tearing-out, I found a source that supplied me with the correctly sized tiles in terracotta. I figured it didn’t matter that the clay body was not pale, because I’d be glazing over the whole surface. As it turned out, I think the darker clay enhanced the glazing.

So I set to work and made about 30 or so, so that my friend would be able to choose – she only needed about half that many. I photographed most of them, not all, and so I’ll present you with the pictures over the next few posts.

The photos are not the greatest, as the shiny glazed surface interferes with the picture quality, but – I think you can see what I’ve got here. Take a look. Next time I’ll explain my technique in glazing them.

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  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I swim a lot, have done so all my life, and the bathing suits are so much livelier than when I was young. I buy ones designed for competition and so I get the designs for younger girls and women and I LOVE it. No more navy blue bla and none for my tile people, either. As for the chair, well, I love furniture, and I feel they are in the category of very alive inanimate objects, so I do my best to bring out personality.

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