Finger Painting, Kind Of

I got a new phone not too long ago and one of its features is something interesting to me – in the notes section, you can now draw with your finger.

Now, I know there are programs and apps that do a much more elaborate job of filling this same function, and that I’m probably making some of you laugh at my wide-eyed amazement at something that’s been around – but, to me, it’s new and so, I beg your tolerance!

I can’t see going further in this direction right now – I like dealing with the actual materials, holding a brush or pencil, smearing paint and getting it on my fingers, smelling that acrylic paint smell –  but it’s fun to play around a little with something different, isn’t it?

23 thoughts on “Finger Painting, Kind Of

  1. Manja Mexi Movie

    Hehe, this feature is made for you! Whereas I still can’t believe it that my e-reader only has this drawing function and not any kind of notepad for actually typing stuff in. What do they expect? That I’ll be handwriting shopping lists?

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Perish the thought! (although I’ll say shopping lists make good collage elements. Sometimes I pick them out of the carts at the store where people have discarded them, especially if they have interesting handwriting…)

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