Actual Pen and Ink, This Time

While I’m on a drawing theme, I found another one of those little scenarios I have been liking to do on paint cards. Unlike the previous post, these drawing were done with an actual pen using actual ink…

Usually I take some inspiration from the names of the paints on the card – this set is no different.

I enjoy the little nudge these cards give to my imagination. I usually draw things like this while watching TV at night. Just a little fun, that’s all.

Paint Card -Glacier Lake 2-16 small

6 thoughts on “Actual Pen and Ink, This Time

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Then I have succeeded! Funny how colors influence thinking – for that color to be given that name, and then my drawing follows from both of them, word and color.

    By the way I did not choose this color for my project. Too cold! Exactly!

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