More Paintings from the Fall of 2015

Here are some more paintings from last fall. These are all 8″ x 10″, done in acrylics on board that I gessoed myself to a slightly rough texture.

Once again, each painting comes from some scene in my life – read the captions to find out more.

15 thoughts on “More Paintings from the Fall of 2015

  1. debiriley

    these are wonderful paintings that have a serenity to them in the midst of the busy city life I find fascinating. I love the shapes and designs, and your use of tonal value contrasts is Amazing.
    Small works are every bit as vital and stunning as the big pieces, and perhaps more challenging to do at times. I love yours. 🙂

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Oops, missed this comment somehow, sorry to be getting to it late. Thank you. I like doing smaller pieces better than larger ones and always have, although people, curators, people running exhibits, etc., always urge larger ones, for various reasons. I like doing paintings in a series as well and smaller ones let me look at just a little scene but integrate it into a larger interest. It’s more fun for me that way, anyway!

  3. debiriley

    yes, I enjoy the smaller as well. Curators have their own ‘agendas’ and people might Like to look at big; but not want to Pay…the price for bigger works. LOL

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    I think the bigger works in many exhibits are meant to draw the patron in and then they say, I must have, but the budget… and buy smaller, maybe. But then I’ve seen large works sell and smaller ones not, in my own booth, at art fairs and so on that I sell myself. I can’t figure it out so – I’ll just do what fits the mood and see what happens.

  5. debiriley

    I know, its pretty fickle these days. Randomness and uncertainty in clients probably a side effect of what is going on in the world around us, I think…..

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