Downtown Glenside Arts Festival – Take a Look

Art festival I participated in yesterday. If you want to follow my art show activities or be notified of future art events, you can follow me on this blog, Claudia McGill, Artist – it’s where I keep my art world activities updated and maintain my calendar of events…


Claudia McGill, Artist

Yesterday we participated in the festival. First one of the year. The weather held up for us and it was a good day for sales as well.

I want to say thanks to my friends John G, John N, David, and Laura for stopping by to see me. And a shout-out thank you to my friend Martha, who mentioned me to two friends of hers who made a point of seeking me out. I also saw several other neighbors and local people, and I had a chance to talk to some of my art vendor friends as well. I felt very appreciated.

And of course as always I say thank you to everyone who took the time to stop in my booth to look over my work and to talk to me about it.

Here are some pictures of the event in chronological order. I guess every show looks pretty…

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2 thoughts on “Downtown Glenside Arts Festival – Take a Look

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    It was fun. Shows are a reward for the solitude of working by yourself at art, I think – a chance to talk to people about your work, face to face. I like it.

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