Clay Tiles 6″ x 6″ – Faces

I’ve been making tiles in a different way recently – I’ve been painting with underglaze on commercially made already-bisqued tiles. I described the process in an earlier post about some small tiles I did in January. I’m going to show some more over the next two weeks in honor of the Tile Festival I’ll be participating in in mid-May at the Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, PA.

A few of these tiles are glazed, and where I did so, I’ll note it, but most of them are simply done in underglaze and left unglazed. I have set them in frames (not shown) and they are meant to hang on a wall, not be used as functional objects. I like the matte look of these tiles very much and I’m enjoying the change in technique from the relief tiles I’ve done in the past.

Ok, be warned – there is a series coming and this is the first installment. All the tiles are 6″ x 6″, by the way.

earlier post about some small tiles I did in January

18 thoughts on “Clay Tiles 6″ x 6″ – Faces

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    I was thinking about how in junior high we learned to do handstands (never since have I done one) and that’s what got this tile started…!!!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I’ve done the show for about three years now and this year I have these different tiles, so I’m eager to see what people think.

  3. memadtwo

    I have a question: you told me once what you coated your postcards with before you sent them in the mail, but I failed to write it down…what was it? Thanks!

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