Art Camp Day 2 – August 2

I’m “away” at art camp. The Claudia McGill Art Camp. One camper – me. Length of time I’ll be here at camp- undetermined…

A little while ago, on my poetry blog, I posted a picture of clay word tiles to accompany a poem. I’d made these tiles quite a while ago. One of my correspondents, galeriaredelius , commented on the tiles (and in such a nice way, thank you again!) and it got me to thinking. I’d made those tiles for a certain purpose and they were long gone. How about making some more?

So, I rolled out my clay. I’m using low-fire white clay, to be fired at cone 06. It has a lovely bluish-gray look to it, wet, but it will end up chalk-white. Here are a couple of slabs on my work table.

Clay rolled out 2 8-16 small

Then I cut the piece into strips. And I assembled my letter stamps.

Then I stamped words into the clay. I would have done better to wait and let it dry up a little, but I didn’t feel like it. I was listening to an audio book and I chose words that appealed to me and were 3-6 letters long. Any longer and the tiles are more fragile and unwieldy.

tiles 8-16 small

I kept going until I’d used up the clay I’d rolled out.

array of tiles 8-16 small

There is always some leftover clay. During the tile-making time, I re-rolled it and made more tiles. At the end, though, there was just a little bit left. I rolled it out and made a figurine-goddess-lady, the kind I have typically left in parks, etc., for people to find; and then I made a cat. I’m thinking I might make some more cats in another session here at camp.

The whole crowd will dry – that will take about a week or so. I’ll clean up their edges. Then, I’ll fire them with other work when I have enough for a kiln-load. I can mix bisque and glaze items in the low-fire firings – they are done at the same temperature. I have a good number of bisque items to be glazed, so now I feel some interest in maybe painting some tiles. It is too hot in the garage (where the kiln is) to fire right now – so I have time before the fall, when the weather is more conducive to it.

So,another camp session in which I make tiles? Why not? My goodness.


6 thoughts on “Art Camp Day 2 – August 2

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Knowing next to nothing about clay, I really enjoyed reading about and seeing your process. I look forward to seeing how these turn out. The cat made me smile so much. It’s the sleepy eyes. That’s just so very feline.

  2. Alice

    Since Arthur (my own Claudia McGill cat) is sitting right next to me as I read this, he asked that I pass along a message: “MOAR CAT PLEEZ. ALWAY MOAR CATS.”

    [Arthur and I are still working on his understanding of -S.]

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    That cat Arthur knows his stuff if not the letter “S”, I’ll say that. I second the feeling. I think there will be Moar Cat. Yes! And I still love it how you named him for my first cat, even though you did not know it and maybe had your own reasons for the name, in fact, of course you did! Well, I’m rambling!

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