Drawing With a Pen #4

Earlier this summer, my husband and I set out to earn awards on the Montgomery County Trail Challenge – it involved visiting five or more country trails and traversing some portion of each route. When we visited the Cynwyd Heritage trail (Look here for the post I wrote plus some photos), we crossed the Schuylkill River on an old rail bridge, now part of the trail.

Here are some drawings from photos I took that day. The first two are from ground level in the Manayunk section of the city, where the old rail bridge crosses over the river and over the streets. The bridge with arched sections is the rail bridge. The next one is the commuter rail bridge, still in use.

The last one is of the commuter rail tracks heading into Philadelphia, this time from up above on the old rail bridge, now trail.


8 thoughts on “Drawing With a Pen #4

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. You know, I think I’d much rather draw this kind of thing than a nature scene. I enjoy the challenge of trying to see and capture the details and you can’t slide off into scribbles for tree leaves, for example. And I am liking documenting familiar places as well, never mind how good the image is I produce, I just like doing it.

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    These are great! I’ve never managed to do much in the way of architectural or cityscape drawing as I don’t find it engages my creativity and consequently I struggle. That contributes to my admiration for those who can produce interesting, but without realism, drawings and paintings of urban environments.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I love buildings and urban scenes and so on, and I’d much rather do something with them than paint a person, really. I think every structure has a personality and spirit, and I never get tired of meeting new ones! I’ve felt this way all my life and so I guess it is natural to want to portray them now.

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. Funny, what you said about getting stuck with perspective and right angles, me too. Forever I’ve been getting tripped up. Two things I decided, finally: first, I try to forget what things are in the picture and just focus on their shapes. That seemed to help as I started drawing what I saw and not what I thought I saw. And second, well, if things got a little off, which they always did, I have just decided not to worry about it and keep going!

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