Art Camp Revisited

Back on Day 5 of the recent Art Camp Claudia McGill, the camper worked on clay items. You may remember the day, but if not, take a moment to review the day’s activities…

All right. Now the items have been fired. All were done at cone 06, since I was using low-fire clay, and I mixed greenware (dried but unfired clay) with bisque (clay that has undergone a first firing). I could do this because they fire at the same temperature in both phases; that’s not the case with stoneware clay, where the second firing is done at a higher temperature, due to the requirements of the clay.

So. Here’s an update.

The cat tiles. Remember, I used Velvet underglazes to do portraits of cats on previously-fired terracotta clay tiles. Here are the results.

Cat tiles 8-16 small

I made word tiles, pressing rubber letter stamps into the clay. It looked gray in its wet state, but I told you it would come out very white, and look…I was right…

Clay in kiln 4 8-16 small

I also made some figures. Here they are.

I will decorate the word tiles and the figurines with underglaze, and I may also put a coat of shiny glaze on the words, at least. I’m still deciding. Anyway, the cat tiles are finished now; the other items will get some color to them and then undergo another firing.


6 thoughts on “Art Camp Revisited

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I love all of these creations! I’m keen to see the next stage in the evolution of the figurines. I adore the cat tiles. My favourite is the green cat with the big bottom and curling tail. Something about it turning its back and rump to the viewer is just so very feline and makes me grin.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, it really got my mind out of a rut. Helped me make some decisions on new projects and also on letting go of things I just don’t want to do anymore.

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