Drawing With a Pen #10

These scenes were drawn from photos I took and they are both from very close to home. The gas station is in Abington, PA, about 2 miles from me, and it’s where our car gets all her fuel when she is in town (as she mostly is – I don’t go far in my usual round).

The cars driving along the road are also done from a photo, York Road in Abington, PA, in front of the new Wawa gas station and market (if you are from around here, you know the one I’m talking about…)

I like depicting cars!


9 thoughts on “Drawing With a Pen #10

  1. JRobin Whitley

    I appreciate your sharing these because it also helps other artists like me to see what your working on, how to look at things differently, try things out, etc. Thanks for sharing everything!

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