Drawing With a Pen #11

Here’s the last one of these pen and ink sketches I’ve got for right now – or I should say, that I have ready to post. I’m building up some more and I’ll show them to you later on.

This one was done from a photo, and it’s my living room at home. Not the whole room, just the part with the sofas and the table where I keep all my projects and the lamps I read by and the rug the cat sprawls himself all over…


6 thoughts on “Drawing With a Pen #11

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I may have idealized it…but really, it looks like this. The living room is quite large and with a high ceiling and it took some time to figure out how to place ourselves inside it. Now we are very cozy. I love my house, I’ll say that!

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