Entryway Featuring Artwork by Claudia McGill

If you remember the Small Landscape Giveaway from last winter, you will remember the little paintings that went everywhere…and here is where some of them landed. Thanks to Sandy for giving them such a great home and for the chance to see them there.

Sandra McCall

entrywayFabulous artist, Claudia McGill gives away paintings! That’s right, they are free. All that she asks is that you pay the shipping fees. Claudia is probably the most prolific artist that I know. She does one small painting a day to challenge herself and then she gives them away. That is so COOL! I wanted to follow in her footsteps, but I couldn’t even get to one painting a week. Nor one a month. I am the embodiment of an anti-prolific artist- painting only when I want to change the art in my decor or when I want to gift someone. (grin)

I asked for several of Claudia’s little paintings which she graciously shipped immediately. All I paid was $12.00 for Priority shipping. AMAZING!claudia-mcgill-artworkAfter much deliberation on how to hang these little gems, I decided to use clips and push pins in keeping with my funky living room decor…

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5 thoughts on “Entryway Featuring Artwork by Claudia McGill

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Check the internet. There are a lot of ideas out there on how to deal with non-wallboard walls. Once you find a technique that works with your particular walls, everything is good, Until then…frustration. I speak from experience, our last house had plaster walls that crumbled, too.

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