Ladies Doing Things

Here are some recent paintings – I just made them, in fact. They are all 4″ x 4″ and feature ladies in the midst of their everyday lives.

They are done in acrylics with India ink details.


Lady writing a letter, possibly to a correspondent she doesn’t much like.


Lady harvesting some kind of blue fruit, which she will then put in her bag, using a pair of scissors.


Lady carrying a tray of cupcakes, possibly taking them into the conference room at work for a co-worker’s birthday party.


Lady out for a walk being followed by a spotted cat, and she is not certain how to take the situation.

11 thoughts on “Ladies Doing Things

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I love doing these tiny little paintings of ladies wandering through life, and I’ve got some more blank panels, so… more, later on, I hope.!

  2. outsideauthority

    I w one a comment earlier, but it seems to have disappeared, so at the risk of repeating myself – I love this series, it’s very apt. Women are always doing things and doing things inbetween the other things they are doing! I panic too when a cat follows me towards the main road. The only place the cat in the midwife scenario took notice of me was outside and would follow me to the bus stop of a morning. I love art of women doing normal things, or art of normal women. I see technically amazing paintings with interesting set ups, but wonder why the whole of the series has to be of young, slim, long haired, standardized, heavily fashionable women. Do people think we can’t find beauty in our average selves?

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Sorry, I think I replied, as I remember your comment! But the computer has been doing things with my replies lately, I notice a couple I thought I answered that didn’t go through. Well, computers and their quirks. Anyway, thank you for your compliments. I thought about what you said, can we find beauty in our average selves? For me, I think everyday life is fascinating and that there is meaning and depth in just about every experience or scene or whatever. When I do art I don’t consciously set out to concentrate on the subjects I do, but I am interested in women and their activities (being one myself, of course) and in giving time and life in my art to just this idea – everyday and ordinary does not mean trivial or mundane. It’s so easy to feel the negatives of being a regular person in the face of so much emphasis on a certain type of person, certain type of looks, etc. I’m not living in that world, though, so I don’t have an interest in portraying it! Maybe that’s it! Anyway, I hope people will see in my art the beauty of everyday things and then notice them in their own lives.

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