Facing It

I did some clay work in October, a variety of items. Among them were some tiles.

I had earlier rolled out terracotta clay, lowfire, into rough rectangles about 6″ x 6″. I fired them and set them aside. So I had a good supply to draw from when I was ready to work.

Using Velvet underglazes for all the color work, I first painted the background black, going short of the edges. Then I did the colors. As I have been, I used a ball tool to scrape through the almost-dry color down to the black – this allows for the outlines. And easy technique and very useful.

Terracotta clay, fired to cone 06. Here they are…


2 thoughts on “Facing It

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thanks. I feel that I’m getting a grip on a good way to do these tiles. The black subsurface is the key to the whole thing, and – I do love how black makes all the other colors MORE!

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