Odd Fellows

I made some cylinder figures, with both closed and open top heads, in Art Camp Claudia McGill this summer, and I liked them. So here are a few more of the closed-top variety, made in October, 2016. They are smaller, about 4-5″ tall.


17 thoughts on “Odd Fellows

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, the clay being so ultra-white really make for contrasts and I LOVE black and white combinations, so it’s perfect for that – and the white clay also really emphasizes the underglaze colors, too. I think it’s understanding the various materials and then you can use them to their fullest.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you! It is always interesting to me to make figures in a series, all done in the same way, but there are always those little variations that give personality, the serendipity factor at work!

  3. Laura (PA Pict)

    They are so adorable and I definitely love to see them as a crowd. The message of them being the similar yet different seems like a simple but important one to make in these times. We all love our trio.

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. This type of figurine is growing on me. It’s different from the ones I made in the past, which had so much sculptural relief on them – these relying more on color. At first I thought they were too simple, but I see how they have complexity now, it is just different than what I used to do. Which was the idea, anyway, being different, yet – they do come from the same basic shape that I’ve been using all along. As you say, being similar and yet individual – it is important to be both.

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