From the Pages of My Sketchbook

I like to take little drawings I’ve made and turn them into postcards. Here is a selection made in August, 2016.

These two I cut out the whole scene and then glued it to a painted postcard background.

This one, the chair, I took the scene and then I gave it a little color with markers, then gluing it on top of some collaged papers:


This one, the electric pole, I cut out from the sketchbook page and then glued it on top of a collaged sky, adding a couple of wires:


I enjoy liberating the pictures from the closed covers of my notebooks and adding them to a new environment.

13 thoughts on “From the Pages of My Sketchbook

  1. jmnowak

    Well, all I’ll say is a very bountiful 2017 for you and your loved ones. I enjoy your process and results. Keep ’em coming plz! 🎉🎆✨🎈😎

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