Old School Rivalry

Hi Everyone, take a look here if you like good fiction – Fictive Dream, the online magazine dedicated to the short story. My collage illustrates today’s story. So read and look!

Fictive Dream

by Santino Prinzi

When Hannah saw Zoe walking up the street towards her, she realised that it had been ten years since she’d last seen her. It spurred a feeling deep inside her she hadn’t experienced in a long time; a feeling of competitiveness, a readying of the self to fight. Zoe had gotten fat since school, really fat. Hannah knew she too had gotten fat, but not that fat. Zoe must’ve just gotten fat; fat-fat, not pregnant-fat like she had.

The old frenemies made eye contact. Hannah remembered how competitive they used to be. Walk on, walk on, walk on, walk on.

‘Hannah Childs! Why, it’s been years?’ Zoe’s face ballooned into a grin.

‘That’s not you, Zoe Howell, is it?’ Hannah feigned amazement too at their chance encounter, while comparing the thickness of Zoe’s thighs to her own. ‘What are you up to these days?’

‘Oh, haven’t you…

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