Hello, Said the Tree

This painting has a funny little history. It started off as a painting of some other scene. I came to dislike the original image, as I often do, and wanted to paint over it – but the surface was quite irregular. I solved that problem by applying gesso over it very thickly, then bouncing a paint spatula over the layer to make a kind of pattern. Then I just painted the new scene over it. I think it turned out to have a nice look about it.

"Welcome Tree". Acrylics, September 2016, 8" x 8".

“Welcome Tree”. Acrylics, September 2016, 8″ x 8″.


22 thoughts on “Hello, Said the Tree

  1. JRobin Whitley

    It makes me happy. I tried being free like you yesterday in my sketchbook. Everything is tight and fearful. Unsure how to get past this. Trying to remember that my sketchbook will be seen only by me and not anyone else.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, this was an experiment but I would do it again – I liked the bumpy surface to paint on. I know what you mean about right and fearful. I have noticed that when I am drawing, especially, I think since I am new to it, that this same thing happens to me – the first ones are too fussy and I get too caught up in details. I do better as I move along. Also, I have realized it is easy to get hung up on one part of the picture. For me, I am trying to work from bigger to smaller – kind of laying out the whole scene in big vague shapes, and then working in sections. Helps me orient myself. And also, I am trying to do some “warm-up” sketches, just little things, before I start on the main thing I want to work on (to get rid of my “nerves”). When I taught classes in collage, I noticed the students needed something to transition into working, and I used to do a “creativity exercise”, usually some little thing related to the main lesson, but simple and fast to do. This seemed to get them into the mindset of focusing and yet being relaxed enough to let their work flow. I wonder if this makes any sense?

  3. Carol A. More

    The transparency really drew my eye in. Very creative and lovely work, Claudia. And don’t we all have those pieces that just need a dollop of gesso or medium on top and then a fun do-over? I hate throwing anything away. This is a very good solution. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    I’ll be interested to hear how things go. It is certainly a journey, this art thing…but I think that is why we like it, there is always another destination to reach for…

  5. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. And I do love gesso, it is useful in making a nice clean surface for painting and also how it affects the paint colors vs. no surface prep. I like the tooth of it and how it can make designs in the background that subtly influence the painting.

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