Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter Six

It’s been a few weeks since a chapter in the story of my husband’s recovery from his leg injury has been posted – the process has been going along uneventfully. While that is good news in real life, in the storytelling side of things, well, it’s a snore, so I’ve stayed quiet.

Today we made another visit to the surgeon’s office. The results: my husband can now “walk”, with the brace set at 70 degrees of motion. For another week or so, he needs the crutches to steady him as he relearns this skill. After that, he will follow a schedule of more flexion in the brace and can get rid of the crutches. We visit again in April, and maybe then the brace will be removed.

This is good news – function in the leg is coming along well and a full recovery (as far as walking normally) is expected.

This chapter concerns an activity that’s become popular in our house, since it’s something a person with limited mobility can do, and that’s putting together jigsaw puzzles. He has worked a couple so far (one a personalized photo puzzle of a snapshot of some friends, given to me as a birthday gift, for laughs, but I was touched, too); the other one was the Andy Warhol image of Marilyn Monroe, loaned to us by our daughter-in-law, who is very fond of puzzles and good at doing them.

Here’s the table in the living room where the puzzles wait for solution:


So, to keep things going, I had two puzzles made from my own artworks and I just gave them to my husband. One is a composite of four 8″ x 10″ acrylic paintings I did in January, the other a single image. They each have 256 pieces.

The four-image puzzle features paintings from what became a series – I had some canvas boards in the cabinet and I filled them all up. It was therapy for me in the early frantic days of getting this healing situation under control. I’ll show the rest of them later on, but here are the four:

And here is the single image – I think you may remember it from a little while back:

"My Life" - acrylics, 40" x 30", November, 2016.

“My Life” – acrylics, 40″ x 30″, November, 2016.

So I say, here’s to puzzle-solving and leg-healing!

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20 thoughts on “Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter Six

  1. Alice

    Claudia McGill puzzles! I love it!!

    Also, am super SUPER glad to hear that Mr. Claudia McGill’s leg is still recovering well. 🙂

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thanks! You know, you can get puzzles made of any image and the results are good, quality-wise. Not to mention the laughs, etc. depending on the image you choose! And thanks for the good wishes – it is very much appreciated.

  3. Gilles Labruyère

    I wish your husband a quick, smooth and complete recovery. And coincidence or not, the aeolus instrument mechanics engineer, a good friend of mine, will be operated next week, to free his knee, and I offered him a 2000 pieces puzzle based on my cartoons. Beautiful paintings, Claudia, as always.

  4. agnesashe

    That’s a great idea, your work as puzzles, so personal and meaningful for both of you. Glad to read that the recovery is proceeding well. Hopefully not too long and the weather will be pleasant enough to get outside.

  5. memadtwo

    Puzzles! A great idea!
    That’s the beach activity for my daughters and nephew when they are together. I’ll have to consider making a custom one…where did you get it done?
    And excellent news on the recovery. Boring is good. (K)

  6. Claudia McGill Post author

    See? Great minds thinking alike! I am sure your friend will love having the puzzle. I know my husband has gotten a lot of enjoyment in doing them. And thank you for the good wishes.

  7. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. The puzzle thing turned out better than expected and I think we’ll have fun with it. I especially liked trying to pick an image with the right amount of difficulty!

  8. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. You are right. Boring is good! The puzzles were done through Shutterfly, but there are many sources on the internet. I used them because that is where my friends’ puzzle came from and it gave me confidence.

  9. Claudia McGill Post author

    You are in a great position to have so many images for a puzzle! (Put me on your Xmas list? OK, that’s begging, but you can see that I favor the idea!) I did it through Shutterfly, but there are many sources on the internet – I chose this because it is who did the one my friends gave me. I really enjoyed the personal connection when I did that puzzle and that made me think of it for my husband.

  10. Manja Mexi Movie

    No news is good news, or as my mom likes to say, nothing is good on the eyes. In the case of you, nothing is impossible anyhow, always plenty of ideas and execution. Such a great idea to make a personalised puzzle. You artwork surely works great as a jigsaw puzzle.

  11. Claudia McGill Post author

    My husband told me (after starting in on the one with 4 abstracts) that it is challenging. I felt very successful. I do see he is solving it but not too fast. Just what we needed!

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