Library Scenes at High Speed

I am fascinated by blur photography these days (I don’t know if that is a name for it or not, but that’s what I call it). I’ve taken quite a few photos in this style and in this place – look here and here if you are interested.

More photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, 3rd floor, where I do my poetry marathons.

I will venture away from this location the next time I am in the library, I think, and see what I can do to some other parts of the building.


12 thoughts on “Library Scenes at High Speed

  1. Carol A. More

    I make friends with the blurry photos I take. Oftentimes, I can see the image shape more clearly, the negative space, the contrast, when I have to ‘search’ for it. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and really ‘see’ the subject, Claudia!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    When I first looked at this photo in the computer I could not figure out what it was, and then I remembered what I was wearing, and figured out that it was my feet. I love what you see in them! And I can recommend trying it, it’s pretty random what you pick up, but also very surprising and lots of aha! moments

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