A couple of photos from Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College. One is of a light fixture on the ceiling; all I did was point the camera at it and say “Hold still…”

The other one is a blur photo, where I have taken the camera and swooped it across the scene.

These were done in March and April, 2017.


4 thoughts on “Moody

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I try to group photos that will add to each other but not diminish each other, when I post them. The library is such a treasure lode of images to me, even though it may look very ordinary, but after so much time there, kind of hanging on the edges of things (meaning, I am not a student nor do I work there, I’ve just drifted in and settled) I am getting a personality from this building and this collection of books.

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