Handwriting and Cards

I’ve been working on improving my handwriting, as you may know. One thing I’ve done to practice the new letter shapes I’ve learned is to watch TV and write down phrases of dialogue. This activity has done all kinds of good things for me – my handwriting has gotten better and more fluid; I use the phrases for poetry fodder, and now I have incorporated some of the pages into art activities. Here are a few items to look at.

Here, I wrote on the paper and then I crossed the paper with more lines. I got this idea from something I read – in the past, when paper was scarce and expensive, for whatever reason (such as during wartime), people wrote letters on the paper, and then the recipient would cross the paper with their own words and send it back. I found this intriguing. It seems it would be hard to read, but you can do it, and if you need to communicate, you make use of your resources as you have them. Anyway, here are a couple of ATC’s done that way.

Next, I used the handwriting as a background for more writing in this ATC. Random thoughts layered on random thoughts.

Here is a postcard made from scraps of handwriting paper with some more things on top. Shapes and words. I arranged and wrote with no intentions but it was fun to see if I had really said something profound, afterward. You be the judge…

Here’s an ATC – word scraps, a checkered floor beneath them, maybe, that they are lying on. Someone needs to get out a broom?

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