In Which I Am Inspired to Try This At Home

You may say, and what is it?

Erosion bundles.

I learned about them here on Evelyn Flint Art. The idea appealed to me. So I gathered up some stray scraps of paper, some rusty objects (thanking the Claudia McGill Museum for the loan, by the way, and I will say again, the Museum will be back!), some string, photos…

Erosion Bundle 7-17 #1 001

I put these pieces together into bundles. I didn’t give much thought to the groupings; I just set layers together and tied them up. I numbered them with the idea that I’d remember to look for all of them when I want to retrieve them. Seven, I must remember that there are seven…

Erosion Bundle 7-17 #2 002

Then yesterday I took them outside to my back yard.

It was pouring rain so I didn’t stay out long. Here is an overall view of the location they now occupy, with arrows pointing to the ones in view…

er 5005

Today, in better weather, my husband weighted them down so they wouldn’t blow away. I have learned that 2-3 months makes some nice artifacts, from Evelyn’s examples. So I’ll keep an eye on them and see what results.

And a thank you to Evelyn for the inspiration!

14 thoughts on “In Which I Am Inspired to Try This At Home

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Intriguing. My arty friend Jana has had a lot of success doing something very similar and uses the resulting objects and papers in all sorts of wonderful ways. I look forward to seeing what emerges.

  2. Evelyn Flint

    Thank you Claudia for the link and I’m so pleased that you’re giving this a go. It’s great fun just letting the elements and nature work it’s magic. I’ve almost finished gathering stuff for my next erosion bundle and I will do a post showing how I put it together….

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Oops, somehow missed this one. Sorry to reply so late. The Museum is “resting”. Claudia McGill has had a lot of mental space taken away by everyday life but is regaining control…Eventually, the Museum will reappear on her radar and then…

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