Variations on a Theme

You’ve seen stencil work from me before. And you will again. And then there is this example right in front of you, today.

I cut out the man figure and painted him black as he lay on a bit of grocery bag paper. I did it again, with a brush not-so-full of paint, and several times, moving him just a little each time.

So then I had a clear black figure to glue on to a background. I had a stencil guy. And I had a moving around kind of stencil guy.

I could have kept on, but I moved to some other idea, I guess. Not before I added some details to each card. Everyone deserves a showcase, I think.


Postcards, acrylics and mixed media, stenciling. The postcard are pieces of thin cardboard from food packages or the like, cut to size.

16 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    I never get tired of the effect of stenciling for just this reason. Each one is a surprise no matter if you try to make them similar or not. Mostly I favor not, of course, but, then, it doesn’t matter, it is never the same way twice.

  2. Genie Geer

    Hey, this is some really cool stuff! That last one might be my fav. Then again, maybe one of the others. I haven’t tried stenciling in about 50 years. Maybe time to give it a go.

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